About Me


Who Is WhiteCaneGamer

I’m a stay at home dad with a passion for gaming, programming and to be honest, little skill in either category. That doesn’t stop me from loving both however and wanting to improve.

I have two lovely children, one boy and one girl. The person that granted me these two lovely bundles of joy is my wife, I refer to her as Anime online, a nickname she acquired while playing Stronghold Kingdoms  with me, due to her love of Anime, , a game she still enjoys playing to this day.


Why WhiteCaneGamer

I chose the online handle WhiteCaneGamer as a pun hinting at my sight loss. My sight loss is due to a hereditary condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa, causing me to lose clarity of vision across my entire field of view. This condition is degenerative and for the moment incurable.


What Games Do You Play

The 3 games that have taken up the vast majority of my gaming time since I started playing games are Stronghold Crusader, Stronghold Kingdoms and Minecraft. However, now that my eye sight is deteriorating, I am now forced to open my horizons and start looking for more accessible games.


How Do You Pay For Your Blog

Out of my own pocket right now. However, When I refer to a product in one of my blog posts, I may link to that product using an Amazon.co.uk affiliate link. This means I get a small commission if you were to purchase that item on Amazon.co.uk. If you do choose to purchase the item, you do not pay any extra, Amazon.co.uk however will pass on a slight commission to me for the referral. I may also receive commission for anything else you purchase during that shopping trip to Amazon.co.uk. This affiliate income will help support the costs associated with my blog, for example the price of the domain name etc.


Anything Else I Should Know?

You tell me, if there is something you want to know about me, please feel free to ask, if I get enough people asking the same question I will update my about me page with that information. Ask away.