Those Westerose folks weren’t lying you know, Winter is coming. It can’t be long away now that Autumn is firmly upon us. . Maybe reading about my summer will encourage you to think of your summer thoughts, warming you through for the winter to come.

Tankfest 2018

As I mentioned in a very hastily put together post a few months ago,( On The Road To #Tankfest ) my wife and I made the trip down to Bovington Tank Museum, for our first time at Tankfest.

We’ve been talking about this trip for years and years, due to our fondness of World Of Tanks. We originally heard of the event due to, (the developers of World Of Tanks) being the primary sponsor of the event.

Another draw for me was the presence of Mighty Jingles and Quicky Baby (two prominent World Of Tanks Youtubers). I managed to get my picture taken with The Mighty Jingles, along with Rita Gamer (another World Of Tanks content creator).

A picture of, from left to right, Rita Gamer, White Cane Gamer, The Mighty Jingles

After nearly a 90 minute wait, to my wife’s chagrin, I was also able to get my picture taken with QuickyBaby. QB also took a few moments to have a chat with me, which was really appreciated.

A picture of, from left to right, QuickyBaby and White Cane Gamer.

There were many more YouTube personalities I would have loved to meet in the flesh, though already having spent hours queuing, I had to call a halt to my fanboying. Especially when you finally do meet them and not having anything witty or interesting to say. Not to mention that I don’t think my wife would have put up with much more queuing!

Anyway, there was much more to see and do at Tankfest. So much so that the 3-day event didn’t give us enough time to cover it all. It didn’t help matters that on the preview day (Friday) I took what could only be described as a panic attack. I was so overwhelmed by the sheer number of people and the number of things I wanted to see and do I just choked.

Thankfully, on Saturday, I was a little better prepared, now that I knew what to expect. My wife and I were able to grab a few pictures of the tanks on display in the Tank Museum and those parked in the staging area.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The static displays aren’t what makes Tankfest stand out though, it’s the live demonstrations of Historical armour in the parade ground, combined with the reenactments.

I attempted to make recordings of these demonstrations, however, the footage I captured wasn’t of sufficient quality, making me reluctant to share it with you guys.

Thanks to my wife though, I will always have a constant reminder of the event. She was so enamoured by the armour on display that she decided to adorn herself with her favourite tank, both in World Of Tanks and real life, the Matilda II, the queen of the battlefield as it’s fondly known.


The image above was taken shortly after my wife have the tattoo so it is still a little red and inflamed, even with those caveats I think the tattoo artist did a great job, What do you think?

What I Would Have Done Differently

Although booking a disabled ticket for myself, which came with a free ticket for a guide, (a great touch by the way Tankfest!), I didn’t make the organisers aware of my sight loss condition. Next time I will make it known that I am visually impaired ahead of time, in order to see if there is anything that could be done to allow me to enjoy the event more thoroughly.

For example, although combined with a great commentary, I was unable to see, despite my best efforts, the reenactments performed in the display ground. To make up for this, I tried to record them, for viewing once I got home but when you can’t see what it is you’re recording, it’s a little hit and miss (mostly miss)

Maybe I’ll just take some binoculars with me.



As we live so far away from Bovington, the location of Tankfest, my wife and I had to pick a place to stay during our time at the event. Thankfully our gaze fell upon Weymouth and we have no regrets.

We both have a fondness for seaside resorts and towns, having spent a lot of time around Southport and Blackpool with our children. Weymouth played into the hands of this fondness, though we found it something a little special.

Instead of being a place to base ourselves during our visit to Tankfest, our time in Weymouth became a little holiday in itself. We often spent our evenings sitting on the shingle beach, watching the swimmers out in the bay. With the weather being as glorious as it was, we weren’t alone on the beach, several families taking the opportunity to provide us with a scent of barbeque in the air while we sat and listened to the waves breaking.

Both my wife and I were reluctant to conclude our time at Weymouth, but, as we had left our children with their Nan, we had no choice but to pack up our things and head back north.


What About The Rest Of The Summer?

Unfortunately, the fun times we had were bracketed by my wife spending a lot of time suffering ill health. This prevented us from spending too much time enjoying the glorious summer weather as a family.

This ill fortune, however, made the time we spent together all the sweeter, making us long for the next time we can enjoy a family holiday. Who knows, maybe we’ll take the kids along with us to Weymouth next time, I wonder if its charms hold up to the riggers of a family holiday.


What about you?

enough about me. I want to hear from you and what you got up to during your summer. Did you go anywhere special, see any Youtube personalities, spend it with anyone special or did you complete any long-awaited projects? Whatever you spent your summer doing I’d love to hear about it in the comments





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