As you’re reading this, I should be well on my way down to Dorset with my wife, for a long weekend break. We’ve been planning this trip for the better part of this year and putting it off for a lot longer, possibly too long!

Why did we choose Dorset I hear you ask, good question. I’m sure there are loads of valid reasons why we’d choose Dorset for a short vacation, our reasoning, however, is TankFest 2018, held at The Tank Museum Bovington. This event is hosted by World OF tanks.

We both used to play World Of Tanks together (she still does), along with my brother in law and a few friends (in what the game calls a platoon). Sadly as my eyesight has deteriorated I found it harder and harder to play the game, to the point now I no longer play it.

This hasn’t dampened my love for the game though and I still hold fond memories of it in my heart. Without our time playing the game, we would never have heard about the event approximately 5 and a half years ago.

This visit to TankFest will give my wife and I the opportunity to get up close and personal with the tanks,  until now, we have only seen in miniature on our screens.

The event will also give me a chance to do a little fanboying, as there are several YouTube personalities famous in the world of tanks sphere, people I spent hour upon hour watching and attempting to emulate,(for the most part failing in this venture but having fun never the less).

Hopefully, upon my return, I should have some great pictures and videos to share, maybe evena  thought or two. I had wanted to do a more in depth ‘looking forward to’ post but as ever I am unprepaired and have ran out of time.

I look forward to speaking with you all when I get back. If you have any suggestions on events that I might not have heard of, that you think I may enjoy, please leave a comment below.

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